The Management of Royal Magma has the ultimate aim of placing the company as the foremost Equipment rental company in Africa. With plans to open subsidiaries in other West African and East African countries.

Human Resource Base

Royal Magma Limited human resource base comprises highly motivated professionals with requisite qualifications and experience to manage the affairs of the Company. The human resource capital of the company would be regularly monitored and upgraded to meet the ever-changing challenges and corporate objectives of Royal Magma Royal Magma Ghana Limited currently employs fifteen (15) permanent staff members, made up of operators/engineers, technicians, administrators, account personnel, and a legal advisor (on a part-time basis) and engages the services of maritime and dock laborers when needed to support the work force on part time basis.

Customer Service

At Royal Magma Limited,we believe that by serving our customers first, we have satisfied our shareholder’s interests. The customer service policy of the company is evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that it conforms to the company’s ideals and goals of being the leading African equipment rental company.

Information Technology

Royal Magma Limited has a robust dynamic IT infrastructure, which is underpinned by a state-of-the-communication equipment to improve efficiency and to improve communication with Operators on the field. This ensures that we have real time information on the status of equipment and jobs being executed.